A healthy lawn isn’t just about keeping up appearances. While we all love a nicely cut yard, new laid mulch and freshly planted flowers, there is even more benefits to keeping your lawn healthy than just curb appeal.


Reasons to Keep Your Lawn Healthy #1 – Improves Air Quality

A yard covered in weeds and bald spots is prone to trap dust, pollen and more, making air quality for your property undesirable. A healthy, lush yard will allow air to flow and result in the air quality being improved as healthy turf generates oxygen.

Reasons to Keep Your Lawn Healthy #2 – Decreases Stress/Promotes Relaxation

Studies have been conducted that hospital patients recover more quickly with a landscaped view than those with a view of buildings/walls. Those who work or live in environments with a view of lawns and nature are found to recover from stress more quickly, experience less job pressure, greater job satisfaction and fewer headaches than those who don’t. Children are also more likely to play outside in a maintained property than those not around one – a childhood memory we all hold close to our hearts. Maintained properties, just like a clean house, will promote relaxation and a sense of ease – an ideal environment for anyone!

Reasons to Keep Your Lawn Healthy #3 – Cuts Energy Bills

Fresh maintained lawns (trimmed trees/shrubs, cut grass, etc.) have positively affected homeowners’ energy bills. By keeping up with trimming and removing excess plantings from a property, you’ll allow for a better air flow into your house, yard, and more. In comparison, when the sun is out, this will allow houses to heat up easier as well which lowers heating costs. On a hot summer day, a well-maintained lawn can lower the temperature by at least 30 degrees compared to asphalt and 14 degrees compared to bare soil.

Reasons to Keep Your Lawn Healthy #4 – Eliminates Noise

Even though we discussed above how a maintained yard will allow for better flow of air, grass and shrubs can also prevent noise pollution. While you’re out enjoying your new maintained property (because you will want to enjoy it, we promise!), homeowners do not want to hear lots of noise and disrupt this time.

Reasons to Keep Your Lawn Healthy #5 – Increases Property Value & Helps Keep You Safer

One of the most cost-effective ways to boost your curb appeal, especially when selling a house, is by sprucing up your landscape. A well-cut and manicured lawn, new mulch, flowers, and trimmed trees can have a night/day difference! When communities join together to keep their properties maintained, neighbors are more likely to socialize more often and better, have stronger feelings of community, which increases safety through the close-knit community.


Yes, we can go on and on about the many benefits of a well-maintained lawn, but our top 5 reasons will speak for themselves. Reach out to us today to get your free estimate on how to maximize your lawn’s highest potential and get the most bang for your buck!