No one wants to get sick around the holidays. We have put together some tips to keep you healthy.  

Here are 5 Tips to Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

  1. Maintain your exercise routine as much as possible or take the leap and create one to get ahead of on your New Year Resolutions! Remember, exercise is not just going to the gym. Taking a 30-minute walk, stretching during commercials, etc. can be just as beneficial!
  2. Get a good night’s sleep. Give your body the well-deserved rest it needs to recover for the next day ahead.
  3. Make Moderation your mantra. Cookies, cakes and sweets are hard to resist, especially when the holidays seem to bring them out more! Ensuring you eat your vegetables and protein first, and drinking plenty of water, allows you to treat yourself to a small dessert. Don’t overindulge, but if you do, focus on #1 the next day.
  4. Especially with the flu season still upon us – wash your hands constantly! This will prevent the spread of germs to you and those you come into contact with.
  5. The holidays should be some of the happiest times of the year, but also can increase levels of stress. Take deep breaths to lower stress levels and allow you to enjoy that moment. Laugh and have fun with family and friends!

Since The Rahn Companies loves their sweets, we wanted to share some Healthy Holiday Desserts you can bring to your holiday festivities. Click the link to see!