There are countless benefits of plantings on your property, mainly for shade and to increase curb appeal. We’d like to share some of the less obvious benefits with you!


If you choose fruit, flowering and shade trees or deciduous shrubs, they not only increase the curb appeal and add beauty to your property, but they enhance the property value as well! For example, the value of a well-landscaped property can increase as much as 10-15 percent higher than a home with little to none.


We know that many are interested in how to make their property better, but there are other health benefits that come with these plantings as well:

  1. Well-placed plantings can reduce energy consumption during the summer months, for instance.
  2. Plantings installed on the south and west side of your property will allow the sun to warm the property in the winter but provide shade in the summer.
  3. If you install evergreens on the north side of your property, there will be more blockage of the winter winds.
  4. Trees can filter dust and pollutants such as carbon dioxide thus improving the air quality and providing oxygen.
  5. Plantings can reduce the amount of storm water runoff thus reducing erosion and water pollution. They also aid in reducing effects of flooding.


As many know, trees are the home to many wildlife species. By planting and maintaining trees, your property will attract a wide assortment of birds like Blue Jays and Cardinals, and will provide them with food, protection and a home.


Trees and shrubs can seasonally provide beautiful blooms, lush foliage in the summer, and a colorful display in the fall. In addition, if your tree is a fruit bearing tree, it can produce a copious amount of food annually.


Last but certainly not least are the social benefits trees and shrubs provide. Spending time among these plantings helps reduce stress. Hospitals tend to install these plantings as they encourage a peaceful environment for patients and allow them to recover faster with these views.


The Rahn Companies is equipped to install a variety of trees and shrubs to beautify your property and provide you with the many health benefits we’ve named above.


Check out the many varieties of trees and shrubs below. Click the links to view some examples of them: