People can be a little like squirrels: when cold weather creeps in, we pack up the summer clothes, cover up the garden beds, bring the flower pots inside and tuck away our ambitions for all sorts of warm-weather projects.

“Here at the Philadelphia Water Department, we’re encouraging you to do the opposite. Don’t think of winter as a time of hibernation, but as a great time to start those spring greening projects.”

Each year, hundreds of residents use the Rain Check program to get free rain barrels or discounts on bigger sustainability projects like rain gardens, downspout planter gardens, permeable patios and driveway depaving.

But, true to our habits, most people get the itch to do these green upgrades when the weather is nice in the spring and summer. We get it: you’re more likely to think of a rain barrel as your flowers struggle through the July heat than when you’re snuggled up on the couch for a Netflix binge in January.

Since the program’s start in June 2012, Rain Check participants have saved:

$38,869 on depaving projects
$171,832 on permeable pavers
$88,438 on rain gardens

Over 3,500 residents have received free rain barrels and installation services, and more than 230 people used Rain Check to install garden planters connected to their downspouts at a cost of just $100.

What is Rain Check?

RAHN Companies can perform rain checks which help residents pay for special landscaping tools that improve the environment and beautify their homes.

Be part of the solution

Homeowners can help protect Philadelphia’s creeks and rivers while beautifying their properties. Installing green stormwater infrastructure tools like downspout planters, rain gardens, permeable pavers and rain barrels reduces pollution that would otherwise end up in our local waterways. Contact RAHN Companies of Williamstown, NJ at 856-629-5097 to schedule a rain check with our pros.

Rain Gardens

This shallow, planted depression absorbs the water that flows from a roof, patio, or yard.

Downspout Planters

Connected to the roof downspout, this planter absorbs stormwater, irrigating plants and removing pollutants.

Permeable Pavers

Specially designed pavers, stones or bricks that allow water to soak into the ground below.

Advantages of Permeable Pavement

Permeable pavement has become increasingly popular with the deterioration of water waste systems. RAHN Companies install permeable pavement for commercial and residential  properties. Advantages of permeable pavement include:

  • Easy instillation
    • Does not require costly special equipment.
  • Low-cost material
    • Permeable pavement is less expensive per square foot than concrete and asphalt
  • Eliminates expensive drainage systems
    • Permeable pavement allows for water to drain through the surface and into the ground

Rain Barrels

These storage containers connect to a downspout and capture stormwater runoff. The rainwater can be reused for gardens, lawns and washing cars.

RAHN Companies Install Rain Barrels for Residential Homes

Making a positive impact on the environment is not the only benefit of installing a rain barrel. Rain barrels secure water from the roof of your home, allowing for the saved water to be used elsewhere. By reducing the amount of total water that flows from your home, installing a rain barrel helps with both the environment and your wallet. RAHN Companies out of Williamstown, NJ is ready to install a rain barrel for your home or business today.