Rahn Companies recently helped to restore a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia that was vandalized. Over 275 headstones in the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Philadelphia’s Wissinoming neighborhood were toppled over by unknown individuals

“Please accept my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your help and dedication in making an awful event into a story of hope, honor and unconditional regard toward others. Your individual efforts over this past summer contributed to a wonderful mission spearheaded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. There were thousands of people from around the world, who donated time and money in an effort to fix a tremendous wrong. I personally appreciate your flexibility, commitment and professionalism in working with a very unpredictable schedule to make things right at Mt. Carmel cemetery.

Without your involvement this very important project, we could not have succeeded in helping get the cemetery back on track being a respectable final resting place for the Jewish community it serves”

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