Our first Rahn Rockstar of the year has been announced… congratulations to Eileen Lurty, Landscape Design Manager!

In honor of Women in Construction Week last week, as well as International Women’s Day yesterday, we couldn’t be more proud to celebrate Eileen and her accomplishments.

A little about Eileen:

  • Eileen says the best part of her job is “knowing all her efforts and her team’s efforts at the end of the day has left the customer satisfied with the work.”
  • Born in Mount Laurel, she spent many summers in Washington DC while her father was stationed at the Pentagon. Now she’s happily living in Tabernacle with her Husband, Dennis, of 28 years and her Son, Sean. She also has 6 dogs, 3 cats, 3 birds as well as cares for (trapped, neutered and released) 15 cats that roam her property. Talk about a true animal lover!
  • Eileen is a collegiate award-winning Florist and has assisted with designing over 500+ weddings. She has been building landscape designs or remodels to woodworking for her retirement home to making floats. Eileen thrives off teaching herself & applying her knowledge!
  • In addition to plantings/design projects, Eileen enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing or just sitting in the woods or my quiet Sunday morning walks with all her dogs along the trails near her home. She enjoys traveling to historical places as she firmly believes in learning from the past and enjoys learning about others and soaking in things about life before.
  • Eileen attended Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA studying Horticulture and Floriculture and has an Associates Degree in Human Services which she finds useful with her desire to help people.
  • She likes to volunteer, help others and take part in community events when the time allows. Some of the organizations & events she has helped are: Catholic Charities Food Bank, caring for animals at PAWS farm, The Moving Wall (a traveling replica of the Vietnam War Memorial), The Extreme Home Makeover (Morano Family in Pennsauken/Camden NJ – head florist and interior plant designer), teaching children with disabilities how to use computers to communicate, have been a volunteer judge for the 4-H club of NJ, have been a CCD teacher and have given free courses in Floral design or “from your garden and to your home” classes at community centers and YMCA’s.

True to her passions above, Eileen said “I do not mind getting my hands dirty, in fact I love it. I just don’t understand why others don’t.”

Eileen, you rock!