How adding outdoor lights (landscape lighting) can add security and safety while also highlighting existing landscape and increase property value

Increased Value of Home

Landscape lighting will make your home and landscape stand out in the neighborhood with increased curb appeal especially in shorter days that come with fall and winter. A home with landscape and lighting to showcase it increased the home value around 15% to 20%. Increased curb appeal is key for sellers as it’s the first thing buyers see.

Added Safety

Giving your home outdoor lights makes using walkways or paths at nighttime safer preventing falls. A properly lit landscape will allow you and guest to enjoy the outside at night without the worry of tripping over hidden obstacles.

Home Security

A well-lit home will deter home invaders from wanting to come on property and be detected easier. A home with outdoor lights can also get unwanted animals away from the yard protecting pets.

Visual Appeal of Home and Landscape

Lights can highlight parts of your house and landscape that you want to show off at night. A landscape and house that has lights can direct visitors to the entrance as well as other parts of house and landscape you want to showcase.

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