The Rahn Companies is thrilled to announce the acquisition of V.R. Specialties Landscaping, a lawn care services business/industry within the agricultural services sector from Newfield, NJ.

As a growth company, we have stated our intention to grow through the addition of individuals and teams, as well was through key strategic acquisitions. This acquisition is a strong example of that.

The acquisition of V.R. Specialties Landscaping creates an exciting opportunity for our company and our customers. In addition to the financial aspects, this has put us on our goal path of growing exponentially within the next few years as a power partner for the South Jersey region. We are looking forward to working with J Dean vonRhine as we bring our companies together to deliver quality exterior property maintenance and design services and top-notch customer service within this highly competitive field.

For existing clients, this addition means nothing new – you’ll simply benefit from the same quality work, just new resources and capabilities to continue driving value for your property faster and more efficiently.

For future clients, we look forward to introducing you to a company guided by values – the most important being our commitment to putting clients first and “making it happen.”

Of course, for all clients, our first priority will be to maintain the strong client-service reputation and our team’s hard work that has set us apart from the competition for the past few years.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all for putting your trust in us over the years and bringing us to where we are today. Our commitment to our team, customers and the South Jersey region is stronger than ever during this exciting time.


Matthew Rahn
President & CEO, The Rahn Companies