Been cooped up in your house because of the quarantine? No problem! We have prepared a list below of some projects to keep you active and keep your mind at ease. Not only that, you will thank yourself later after your property is refreshed!


Some have been quarantined for weeks, and some not long at all. Most will flock to the comfort of watching TV, but that will leave you restless not too long after.


  • Personal Refresher
    • Use this time to expand your knowledge. TV will be a mindless distraction – you have never had this time before to grow personally; use it wisely! If you are not a fan of reading, listen to a Podcast or an audio book! Our President (Matt)’s top 2 audio books are: Find Your Why by Simon Sinek and From Good to Great by Jim Collins. They provide him with extra inspiration and motivation to continue growing our company and inspiring the team!
    • Set a new routine. Never had the time to do something and been putting that habit off? Set it now! The extra time allows for a little flexibility with getting to those things you were not able to before, and studies show that after 3 weeks, you can form a lifelong habit. Our Landscape General Manager (Mike D) is looking forward to the time to work on his passion for CrossFit and hiking!
    • Practice mindfulness. Be calm with yourself – this is a huge adjustment to our schedules, lives, and personal health. This can involve yoga, hiking/walking or even just a few deep breaths. Being a property maintenance company, you are safe to assume our team loves the outdoors and change of seasons. Our Lawn Maintenance Manager (Mike N) enjoys anything outdoors – hunting, hiking, fishing, etc. and he finds it calming (and necessary!) to do these to provide himself with the reset he needs for the next day. Our Contracting Admin (Anita)’s favorite season is spring and loves the smell of flowers blooming, grass turning green, the sound of birds chirping and the longer days!


  • Inside the Home
    • Rearrange furniture or belongings. This will provide a fresh perspective; even though you have been cooped up for weeks, it will make you feel like you have a change of scenery without going far! Plus, you would be surprised at what turns up or gets clean to really make the space feel new.
    • Attend to those “honey-do” items that everyone puts off! Between vents, baseboards, closets and under the beds – there is so much that can be cleaned up to not only improve your mental health, but also to improve your physical health! Tons of dust accumulates on surfaces over time; you can reduce allergens while also improving the efficiency of your air conditioning or heating unit with a quick cleanup.
    • Back to the Basics with your Kitchen. Take stock of your essentials to find out what you have multiples of and what you are missing. How many times have you went to make a dish or bake and found you are missing ingredients? This will be a quick way to get back to the basics and if you visit a small business, you are helping the community too with purchasing the items to restock!
    • Small appliances need attention too! Most of us work on cleaning a fridge or wiping down your stove, but how often do you get to give the same TLC to your small appliances like your toaster, coffee maker, etc. A quick cleaning may lead to a better taste in the roast regarding coffee (p.s. – make sure to run a few cycles to get the cleaning liquid out!)


  • Evaluate your lighting
    • Brighten up rooms with natural light. Between cleaning/opening curtains or blinds to cleaning the lamps in the room, some fresh light can make a dark room instantly feel light, and not just in terms of the brightness it is bringing in! Replacing bulbs, cleaning windows, dusting/cleaning lamps are all quick ways to do this, and all without the requirement of an electrician. Our Technology/Marketing team member (Alyssa) loves to open all the curtains every morning to bring fresh light in the house each day and loves to cozy up next to the window with a good book. The bright light will also be a little less harsh on your eyes as well, especially during allergy season and the headaches that accompany it!


  • Make the great outdoors your own outdoor oasis
    • Put away the winter blues and prepare for spring. Sweep off the dust/dirt from hardscapes, get rid of any leaves or branches from storms, prune dead or damaged bushes and trees, apply some seed to bare areas and give your yard a fresh mow!
    • Bring out the outdoor furniture! Even though your furniture has been in storage for the winder, dust and dirt can still accumulate. When you bring out the furniture to set up for the nicer weather, make sure to scrub it to bring a clean look and feel to your outdoor oasis!
    • Enhance the property with color. Just by breaking up the packed dirt and planting some flowers, your landscape beds will look brand new! Our Estimator (Vicki) loves to look outdoors and admire the bright, vivid colors of trees and flowers as they bloom and dream about the warmer weather ahead, which brings her peace and keeps her positive attitude as an everyday staple!
    • Make a DIY project a reality. There are fun bird feeders that you can create on your own or with little ones that will bring the sound of spring right to your window! Our Office Manager (Virginia) loves watching the hummingbird feeder in their yard with her kids and the sounds of the birds in the yard in the morning.