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Sodding in Williamstown, NJ

Sodding in Williamstown

Rahn was asked to perform sodding in Sodding in Williamstown, NJ for the Gloucester County Veterans Memorial Cemetery. The cemetery is located at 240 North Tuckahoe Road in Williamstown and provides a final resting place for veterans, their spouses, and eligible dependents that serves as a place of honor and dignity. Rahn was asked to provide over 50,000 square feet of sodding for the cemetery. The cemetery had very old, brown and ugly grass. They were preparing for a large burial service and wanted to put their best foot forward. Rahn was called to perform a rapid sodding job that covered a very large area in one of the most highly trafficked areas of the cemetery. If you are in need of  Sodding in Williamstown or anywhere else in South Jersey, please visit our sodding page to learn more. 

Highlingts of Sodding in Williamstown, NJ

  • Instant beautiful fields of grass at the cemetery
  • Permanent Solution to turf issues
  • The sod also assists with erosion control
  • Sodding gives a beautiful end result our veterans deserve

Photos of Sodding in Williamstown, NJ




Hydroseeding in Clayton, NJ

hydroseeding in clayton nj

The Rahn Companies performed hydroseeding in Clayton, NJ on 21,600 square feet as part of a larger municipal project to make Improvements to Carvin Street Drainage. The Carvin Street Drainage project focused on low-lying areas between Academy Street and Carvin Street. The low elevation and proximity to Silver Lake has been an issue for local residents for years. Once improvements were made, Rahn was asked to perform hydroseeding to prevent soil erosion. Hydroseeding was preferred to seeding because of the aesthetic of the neighborhood. Learn more about hydroseeding on our Website.

Features of  Hydroseeding in Clayton, NJ

  • 21,000 aquare feet of hydroseeding in Clayton, NJ
  • Part of Larger Municipal Bid Project
  • Hydroseeding allowed us to cover a very large area quickly
  • Rapid germination
  • Assists with erosion control of topsoil
  • Grass was spouting within 5-7 days
  • Hydroseeding was a more attractive option than seeding in this residential community

Photos of Hydroseeding in Clayton, NJ

Paver Patio and Walkway in Franklinville NJ

Paver Patio and Walkway in Franklinville NJ

The Rahn Companies recently installed a new paver patio  and walkway in Franklinville, New Jersey. The homeowner wanted to remove old decaying concrete and replace it with a long lasting solution that was visually appealing. Our Concrete Division selected Shledgestone XL 3PC pavers in Toffee/Onyx lite with natural stone steps in Cumberland grey. the natural stone steps work well with the rest of the patio and add a unique look that makes this project stand out.

Highlights of Paver Patio and Walkway in Franklinville NJ

  • Shledgestone XL 3PC pavers
  • Natural stone steps
  • Increased value of home
  • Space provides years of outdoor entertainment and dining
  • Low-maintenance for homeowner

Photos of Paver Patio and Walkway in Franklinville NJ


Playground at Childcare Center in Cherry Hill, NJ

Playground at Childcare Center in Cherry Hill

The Rahn Companies recently completed a project for a playground at a childcare center in Cherry Hill New Jersey. This project involved the installation of  a Perma Shade Structure. Perma Shade is a  perfect addition to child care centers, protecting children from the sun  and keeping them cool on warm days. The fabric is comprised of a durable, UV-stabilized, polyethylene. It provides for 80% water repellence, yet still breathes to allow heat to escape. It is also fade and mildew-resistant. When not in use the canopy can be easy to removed for storage. We also installed new ASTM certified playground quality cedar mulch around the structure and play areas.

Highlights of Playground at Childcare Center in Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Installed shade structure for childcare facilities
  • Protection for children from the UV rays that can be very harmful
  • ASTM certified playground mulch to provide an appealing setting
  • Cedar is a cost effective approach that is biodegradable

Photos of Playground at Childcare Center in Cherry Hill, NJ