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5 Recommended Fall Season Tips

5 Recommended Fall Season Tips

The Fall season is here, the weather is getting chillier and that means it’s time to get your property ready for the upcoming winter season. We’ve compiled a few tasks that are recommended to make your home winter-ready, while also allowing you to enjoy the most of the Fall season. If you don’t feel like doing things yourself, you can always contact the Rahn Companies for all your landscaping needs.


Repair cracks in concrete and asphalt

With the sun setting earlier, that leaves less time to get these repairs in to prevent pot holes from forming. You also can’t fill them when it’s too cold or they won’t seal!

Those pesky gutters.. Time to clean them out!

This is usually the task that’s pushed to the bottom of your list in the fall season, but we all know it’s necessary. When the leaves start falling, or have fully fallen, clean out your gutters and ensure there’s adequate drainage for any rain/snow ahead. While you’re up there, this is a great opportunity to check your roof for any damaged shingles, flashing or vents. Make sure to clean those leaves in the yard and from the gutter as well!


Turn off your outdoor plumbing

Turn off all of the outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems, blow out your sprinkler system and ensure they’re covered to protect against freezing weather.


Clean, clean, clean!

Everyone thinks of Spring/Fall Cleaning as inside – make sure to include your outside as well! This is a great opportunity to clean any outdoor furniture, store it away safely for the winter, clean/organize your gardening tools and power wash your house. While power washing, we also recommend cleaning your windows to allow the most amount of light inside during the dark months.


Prepare your Spring Blooms during the Fall Season

April showers bring May flowers? Maybe! But even better is Fall season plantings to bring Springtime flowers. You’re able to plant blooms as early as October in most areas which will allow the soil, nutrients and water to help these beauties flourish in the Spring. Make sure to choose an extra sunny spot in your yard to plant them.

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

How adding outdoor lights (landscape lighting) can add security and safety while also highlighting existing landscape and increase property value

Increased Value of Home

Landscape lighting will make your home and landscape stand out in the neighborhood with increased curb appeal especially in shorter days that come with fall and winter. A home with landscape and lighting to showcase it increased the home value around 15% to 20%. Increased curb appeal is key for sellers as it’s the first thing buyers see.

Added Safety

Giving your home outdoor lights makes using walkways or paths at nighttime safer preventing falls. A properly lit landscape will allow you and guest to enjoy the outside at night without the worry of tripping over hidden obstacles.

Home Security

A well-lit home will deter home invaders from wanting to come on property and be detected easier. A home with outdoor lights can also get unwanted animals away from the yard protecting pets.

Visual Appeal of Home and Landscape

Lights can highlight parts of your house and landscape that you want to show off at night. A landscape and house that has lights can direct visitors to the entrance as well as other parts of house and landscape you want to showcase.

Reach out to us today to get an estimate and find out how you can increase your homes overall look and value by adding landscape lights.

If you are interested in learning more about how landscape lighting can benefit your property, Contact Us for a free consultation.