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Landscape Clean Up and Tree Pruning in Atco, NJ

Landscape Clean Up and Tree Pruning in Atco

A customer in Atco, NJ was experiencing overgrown vegetation that was taking over his yard. His Neighbors and the local HOA were complaining about the unappealing visual that was being created. The property was also experiencing bad draining due to old trees and eroding soil and mulch. We were able to remove all unwanted vegetation to make a more appealing curb appeal. We also Added river rock in areas where there was bad drainage and pruned all shrubs to allow proper tree growth. We cleaned up front and back yards of leaves and weeds and removed a shrub by the front door and mailbox. We installed ½ ton off 1”-3” river jack stone to touch up areas where plants were removed. We also installed 5 yards of black dyed mulch in back and front. 

Highlights of Landscape Clean Up and Tree Pruning in Atco

  • Removed dead, damaged, and diseased tree limbs to encourage healthy tree growth
  • Removed OVER 4 yards of composted shrubs and weeds.
  • Installed River Rock for proper drainage
  • Increased visibility for a more attractive curb appeal
  • Increased customer’s property value

Photos of Landscape Clean Up and Tree Pruning in Atco

New Concrete at Burlington Coat Factory Corporate HQ

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory recently hired Rahn to re-do all of the concrete sidewalk surrounding and leading up to their corporate headquarters in Burlington. The company was experiencing cracked sidewalks that looked unappealing and were potentially dangerous to pedestrians. We were able to demo and remove the old sidewalk that was cracked and heaving. We set a  new sub-base for drainage and formed and poured 4” thick 4,000 psi concrete. We also Inserted “tactile paving” which helps the visually impaired detect when they are about to leave the sidewalk.

Highlights of Burlington Coat Factory Concrete

  • Improve on the visual appearance of property
  • Help Prevent any trip and falls
  • Install Tactile Paving for the visually impaired

Photos of Burlington Coat Factory Concrete



Blackwood Pumpkin Festival

Blackwood Pumpkin Festival

The Rahn Companies recently sponsored the Blackwood Pumpkin Festival in Blackwood, NJ. In addition to our sponsorship, we also aided the Township of Blackwood by providing labor before and after the event as well as throughout the event itself. Rahn set up all trash cans and made sure event areas were free of trash and debris. We also provided guidance to any participants on the times and events that were going on throughout the day.

Highlights of Blackwood Pumpkin Festival

  • Pre-Event Setup
  • Post Event Clean-Up
  • Provided a Clean and Safe Environment
  • Promoted a Community Atmosphere

Photos of the Blackwood Pumpkin Festival